1. Do not overreach from step ladders – Three points of contact should be maintained with the step ladder at all times. For two hands free working consider investing in Podium Steps
  2. Don’t use step ladders outside in bad weather – The risk of slipping or falling is much greater in inclement weather.
  3. Make sure it’s set up correctly – Ensure it is fully open and level before use, ensuring all catches and braces are locked in place and the platform is fully down if applicable.
  4. Don’t use your step ladders as a work platform – They are designed for working vertically, for jobs that require you to move side to side invest in a work platform.
  5. Always read the label – Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using a step ladder.
  6. Don’t stand on the top step – Unless using platform steps, the top step on swingback step ladders should never be stood on.
  7. Don’t rest it on other objects – Never place your step ladder on top of items such as boxes or chairs to gain height.
  8. Domestic, Trade or Industrial? – For business use step ladders must meet BS EN131 at a minimum, for heavier duty use consider investing in Class 1 Industrial Step Ladders
  9. Use Fibreglass Step Ladders when working near electricity – to reduce the risk of electric shocks
  10. Always place step ladders on a firm surface – Ensure the ground is firm and not slippery to avoid the ladder falling over.