How many ladders do you own? For many people the answer to that question is one – the ladder. But you might not be aware that there are many different kinds of ladders for a range of different situations. You might think that as you have never needed anything other than the one ladder that you use for every home maintenance task, there’s no need to get any others. But this can be a very risky strategy.

Unfortunately thousands of injuries happen every year because people attempt to carry out DIY or home improvement projects without using the proper equipment. That means that you need to have the right ladder for the job or you could potentially be putting yourself in danger any time you carry out maintenance or work at your home. Here are the ladders that everyone should own.

Platform step ladder

The trusty step ladder is vital for carrying out a huge range of tasks around the house. From changing lightbulbs to hanging wallpaper, they are perfect for whenever you need a little extra height for DIY or home improvement projects. For small tasks, people will often stand on an unstable chair or attempt to overreach. This can be very dangerous and you should use a steady step ladder.

Make sure you choose a platform step ladder that can be used safely both indoors and outdoors. It should be sturdy, able to carry plenty of weight and have rubber feet to allow for plenty of grip for wet or icy environments. But never attempt to use a step ladder if it doesn’t give you the required height to safely reach the task.

Extension ladder

If you do need to reach higher than a step ladder, you first option could be an extension ladder. These ladders are an ideal multipurpose tool that can be extended to a variety of heights to allow you to easily reach a huge range of tasks including anything from painting the outside of your home or even cleaning the gutters. There are both double extension ladders which have two interlocking parts and triple extension ladders, which have three interlocking parts allowing you to get even higher, if necessary.

Telescopic ladder

Another important option to have for work around the house is a telescopic ladder. This kind of ladder extends in the same way as a telescope, providing a durable and strong base for almost any task.  These ladders have a wider variety of options than standard extension ladders – you can set the exact height of each rung, which means you can more easily reach the perfect height for any job. And a very convenient aspect is the fact that they fold down to a very small size making them very easy to store.

Combination 3 way ladder

Combination 3 way ladders are generally associated with builders and tradesmen, but they can be exceptionally useful for general domestic use. They can be set up as an A-frame to allow you to get access on harder-to-reach parts of the house such as on a staircase. Combination ladders have a variety of configurations so they can be perfect for an enormous variety of tasks.