Every Christmas there are new stories that suggest local councils or workplaces have banned people from putting up Christmas decorations for fears over health and safety. In the wide majority of cases this simply isn’t true and virtually everyone is free to put up Christmas decorations. However, it also true that every year there are news stories about people being injured when attempting to hang their decorations. This could happen for a wide range of reasons, so let’s look at some important tips to help you stay safe when you are putting up your Christmas decorations.

Use suitable ladders

Unfortunately some of the most common injuries that occur when people try to put up their Christmas decorations is from falling. Be honest with yourself – when you’re putting up your indoor decorations, do you precariously balance on a chair that isn’t really suitable for the job? It only takes one slip and you could spend Christmas was a cast on your arm. If you’re going to work at height indoors, even if it seems innocuous, you should use a step ladder to get up to the ceiling height safely.

When putting up outdoor decorations this is even more serious. Make sure that the ladder you are using is suitable and that it allows you to reach high enough comfortably. Place your ladder on level and solid ground and ask another adult to hold the bottom of the ladder while you work.

Shop for safe decorations

One of the most important ways to stay safe with your Christmas decorations are to purchase items that are fit for purpose. This is especially true of exterior decorations where sometimes it is not suitable to use the same lights and equipment that you have used indoors. This could mean that you need to buy everything from weatherproof extension leads to Christmas lights that are suitable for outdoor use. Check the label or ask in store whether the items you are purchasing are fine.

Inspect all lights first

Whether they are brand new out of the box or old favourites that you’ve had for years, it’s important that you should check over your lights before you use them. If there are any broken lights this could be a hazard. Faulty lights can give electric shocks or cause burns, so check them over thoroughly before turning them on.

And of course, make sure that that the lights work before you have set them all up. There’s nothing more frustrating that spending an afternoon beautifully decorating the outside of your home, only to realise that the lights simply won’t switch on.

Follow sensible safety precautions 

When hanging Christmas lights outdoors you should follow sensible safety precautions such as using fibreglass or wooden ladders instead of metal ones. You should also follow the directions of use for the lights and check them periodically to ensure that are not overheating. Finally, make sure that you always turn off and unplug lights before changing bulbs, making repairs or moving them.