If you’ve ever heard of a telescopic ladder, you’ll probably understand the concept of a telescopic scaffold tower. These towers fold down to be able to fit into the boot of an estate car but fold up to an incredible height of 2m. The Teletower is the world’s first telescopic scaffold tower – providing access up to a working height of 4m. Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of buying a telescopic scaffold tower and see if it might be the perfect piece of equipment for you.

Choose the right height for the job

One of the best features of telescopic scaffold towers is their flexibility. They can be assembled to a variety of different heights very quickly and easily. That means you only need this one piece of equipment to carry out a variety of jobs. This is much easier than having to get out several different ladders. It also means that you don’t have the expense of buying other pieces of equipment. So a telescopic scaffold tower will not only save you time, but money as well!


Despite the fact that a telescopic tower gives you up to 4m in working height, it is easy to store. This is because the tower folds down within itself. When fully compressed the tower will fit inside the boot of an estate car. It is made from durable aluminium, which means it is both strong and lightweight for complete convenience.

Quick to assemble

Telescopic towers can be erected very quickly compared with standard scaffold towers. You should be able to have the tower fully assembled in just three minutes. That means that you can get on with work quickly. Of course, disassembling is just as fast so if you need to move onto another task you can do this very quickly.

Can be used by one person

One of the major advantages of telescopic scaffold towers it that they can be used by just one person. As we have already discussed, they can be easy moved around as they can be packed down, so there is no need to have several people in order to carry out work. That means that you can get on with a task immediately.

Range of safety features

As with any equipment designed for work at height, it’s important that it is completely safe. Thankfully these towers have a range of safety features to keep their user secure. With guardrails and stabilisers minimising the risk of fall injuries.