If you need to carry out any DIY tasks around the house where you need to get up high, you will probably think of a ladder as the right tool to use. But if you only ever use a ladder for work at height, you may be missing out. It could actually make a lot of sense to use a scaffold tower. Let’s have a look at whether using a scaffold tower might be better for you by analysing the advantages of towers and ladders.

The advantages of scaffold towers

One of the main benefits of using a scaffold tower is that you have more space. With a full platform to stand on, you are able to move around comfortably and place a range of tools and pieces of equipment so that you can switch between them.

This additional space not only contributes to the variety of uses of the scaffold tower, but it’s also one of the many reasons that scaffold towers are generally safer to use than ladders. Standing on a ladder gives you very little fall protection if you were to slip. This generally isn’t a problem on a scaffold tower.

It’s also worth mentioning that that scaffold towers are more stable and secure than ladders thanks to their broader base. This means that they can be set up in locations that simply aren’t suitable for ladders. This adds to the versatility of the scaffold tower, which is another advantage. While on a ladder you must always have three points of contact which can limit your range of movements and ability to complete tasks – this isn’t the case on a scaffold tower, as you will always have two hands free.

Finally, it’s worth considering that scaffold towers are able to carry more weight than ladders, so that if you’re trying to carry out work that involves something heavy, the tower can be the smartest way to do it. Generally, a scaffold tower can be an enormously valuable tool. However, that doesn’t mean that there are no advantages to ladders.

The advantages of ladders

It is generally the case that ladders will be the cheaper option – you may even have a ladder that might be suitable for the job. It’s worth mentioning that if you are going to use a ladder then you have to be absolutely sure that the ladder is safe for the job.

Ladders are of course far more immediate and require less time setting up than a scaffold tower. This makes them ideal for small and quick jobs, whereas it can be better to use a scaffold tower for those tasks that take longer. And of course as ladders are smaller this makes them easier to store.