It is easy to think of scaffold towers as purely a tool for commercial and construction sites, so you might be surprised to the learn that they can actually be used around the home to great effect. If you have a DIY project or home renovation that you are planning, you should consider using a scaffold tower as they can save you a lot of time and make things easier.

In this blog we take a look at how scaffold towers can be used around the home, as well as how to avoid some of the mistakes which are commonly made.

Great for larger projects

While you probably wouldn’t set up a scaffold tower to carry out window cleaning, they can be perfect if you are carrying out a large-scale project on your property. One of the major advantages of scaffold towers is that they are safer for use over longer periods for working at height than working on a ladder.

When you are going to get plenty of use out of the tower this can actually be a very cost-effective solution, rather than having to buy multiple ladders for different jobs. It will also save you a significant amount of time.

Set them up safely

If you are going to make use of a scaffold tower for your home project, it is important that you set them up safely and securely. This should always be carried out by someone who is very familiar with scaffold towers and is competent to do the work.

Also remember that you should thoroughly check over your scaffold tower before each use – and that they should never be used in a way that they are not meant to. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely.

Second hand towers can save you money

If you are interested in using a scaffold tower but are concerned about the potential costs involved, a great solution can be purchasing a second hand tower. Used towers from reputable dealers are just as good as a new tower but can be bought at much lower prices.

A word of warning, however – make sure that you are choosing a tower that is suitable for your needs, and not just choosing it because it is cheap.