If you need a scaffold tower for a job but you are put off by the cost, there is the option of buying second hand. Of course, when it comes to something like high access equipment it is natural that your first priority is safety – this has led some people to worry that opting for a second-hand scaffold tower might not be as safe as buying one new.

Here we take a look at the safety issues surrounding second-hand towers and what you can do to ensure that you stay safe.

Second-hand is safe – as long as you use the right type of tower

There is no reason to assume that a second-hand scaffold tower that is sold by a quality provider will be unsafe for use. All towers sold by a reputable business will have been checked for quality to ensure they are still in good condition. However, it should be pointed out that if you are buying second hand as a cost saving exercise, it is still essential that you should buy a tower that is fit for purpose. Just because you’re getting a good deal on a second-hand tower, it doesn’t mean it is the right tower for the job.

Make sure that you buy a tower that is the correct height to allow you to carry out the work, and has been designed with the kind of work that you are doing in mind.

Buy from a quality supplier

Make sure that when you come to buy a second hand tower that you only consider purchasing from high quality and reputable suppliers. A good supplier will fully inspect any second hand towers and carry out repairs to ensure that they are fit for use. Buying from anywhere else can leave you in a position where you are not sure about the safety credentials of your tower.

Make sure that you are buying from a company that you can trust and has a good reputation. This is where it can be beneficial to do your research before you buy.

Sometimes a ladder can be just as effective

If you are buying access equipment for a specific job, it is worth considering whether a scaffold tower is the best choice. In general, scaffold towers can offer better safety features than a ladder, but at the same time, this level of safety is not a requirement for all jobs. Work that won’t take long and can be accomplished easily without heavy tools can be carried out on a ladder.