Buying a scaffold tower second hand is a great way to get a piece of equipment that you need at an affordable price. But some people wonder whether buying second hand is safe. The answer is that yes it is, just as long as you follow some simple guidelines.

In general there is no need to assume that second-hand towers will be unsafe, you just need to ensure that you follow sensible precautious and use them in the right way. Here are some of our top tips to ensure that the second-hand scaffold towers you buy are completely safe to use.

Use the right kind of tower for the job

Used scaffold towers can provide you with an option to get the exact piece of equipment that you need for a job at a much lower price than buying it new. But one of the problems that arises is that people use a second-hand scaffold tower in a way that was not originally intended.

For example, they will buy a tower that is cheap and then realise that it not quite high enough for the task it is needed for. Instead of buying another they will attempt to set up the tower incorrectly or put themselves in a precarious position on the top of the tower to get the job done. This is dangerous and should never be done. You should only ever use the correct kind of tower for the job at hand – don’t use it just because it is cheap.

Check that the tower is in good condition

Unfortunately it is the case that people will buy a second-hand tower without having inspected it first. It’s only when they come to actually put it together to use that they realise that it is in very poor condition. Towers in poor condition should not be used, so before you commit to buying a second-hand tower make sure that you know that it is in good working order.

Ensure all the parts are present as per the manufacturer

Another aspect of safety that you need to be sure of is that the second-hand tower is sold with all of the correct parts present as per the manufacturer’s instructions. If even just one piece is lost or missing, it could be dangerous to attempt to use the tower. So before you buy any second-hand tower you should be sure that every piece is there and is in good condition to be used.

Buy through a trusted supplier

One way that you can ensure that you buy a high quality second-hand tower is to only buy through a trustworthy supplier. At Precipitous, for example, we make sure that every tower we sell has been thoroughly inspected and refurbished before we sell it on. This gives you complete peace of mind to use your tower with confidence. Our expert team can also provide you with information for choosing the right tower for your needs.