close up of ladder

If you’re planning on working at height, its important to make sure your ladder is safe to use. If you don’t have to do much work around your home that needs a ladder or step-ladder, it could be that you haven’t used or inspected your ladder for quite a while. Even if you do carry out regular jobs at height, you should still make sure to check your ladder is in a good condition before you climb it. Even a short fall can be incredibly dangerous and cause you serious harm.

Is your ladder in good condition?

It is essential that you make sure your ladder is safe and acceptable to use before you carry out any tasks. Start by checking the feet and stiles of your ladder. If the stiles are bent or damaged, the ladder could be at risk of collapsing during use. When inspecting the feet, check to see if anything is stuck such as mud or other debris. If you move the ladder somewhere else to use again during the day, you should have another look at the feet. Feet and treads should also be securely fixed in place and in contact with the ground.

The rungs are also important to check. If these are bent, worn or damaged in anyway, the ladder could fail and put you at serious risk of a fall. Similarly, if the rungs are loose or even missing, you should not use the ladder. If your ladder uses a locking mechanism, then this will also need to be checked. If they are bent or the fixings are worn, this could also cause the laptop to collapse.

If you spot any of these problems with your ladder, it is best not to use it. If you’re planning on using a ladder for something at home but find a fault with it, its best to buy yourself a new one rather than risking your health.

Don’t forget to check your equipment

Before you get on a ladder, you should also make sure you have the right clothing and equipment for the job. Even if your ladder is safe to use and securely in place, you could still be putting yourself at risk if you don’t use proper equipment. Are you wearing the right shoes? Is your clothing practical and suitable for working at height? Do you have the righter ladder for the job?

Of course, checking your ladder for any faults before you use it is crucial for working at height. You should also think about whether you have the right ladder for the job. A stepladder will be fine for smaller indoor jobs like changing a lightbulb or taking down decorations. Obviously, outdoor work such as window cleaning and clearing gutters will need something bigger. You may need a telescopic ladder or for even larger scale jobs, you may want to think about using a scaffold tower.

Do you need a replacement?

If you’ve checked your ladder and found something wrong with it, its probably time to think about getting a new one. Modern ladders are also typically well-made and tend to be more durable than older ladders, making them a great long-term investment. Still, even with a newer ladder it is important to check it before you use one so that you don’t get hurt. At Precipitous, we have been supplying ladders for many years and are happy to provide advice and assistance if you are looking for a ladder.