The summer is fast approaching, so now is the perfect time to start planning the DIY jobs that you want to get done around the house while the weather is good. It’s worth remembering that if you’ve got work that needs to be done on the outside of the house, summer is the best time to do it. It’s warmer and more pleasant to be outdoors, plus there is less chance of wind, rain or ice to make things difficult for you.

So this summer, ditch the indoor jobs and getting working on the exterior of your home. Here are some important things that you can get done this year.

Painting the outside of the house

Summer is definitely the right time to paint the outside of the house. Warmer weather means the paint will dry more quickly and the job is less likely to be affected by rain. Take the time to give your home that new coat of paint. If you’re going up on a ladder it’s much safer to do so in the summer – but you should still take all the necessary precautions, including working in pairs rather than tackling the project alone.

Clearing the gutters

Gutters take a pounding over the winter and early spring, so once the summer comes around it’s worth going up there to clear them out. This is both easier to do in the warm weather and it means you’ll be completely prepared for next winter so you can be free from any problems.

Check the roof

The old saying goes: fix the roof while the sun is shining. And while this is usually just a figure of speech, it also makes a lot of practical sense. While the weather is good you should get up onto the roof to see if there are any problems or minor issues that have the potential to get worse. Now is the time to get them sorted out.

Organise your equipment

This idea isn’t so much a DIY task in itself, but it is something that will make it much easier to do anything else. You need to take the time to get your equipment sorted. It’s so often the case that we come to get started on a job and realise that we don’t have the right tools or that the equipment that we planned to use is worn and unusable. So once you have planned out the tasks you are going to get done, do an inventory of the pieces of equipment you are going to need.

Now spend some time going over that equipment to make sure that it is suitable for the task and is in good working order. So many DIY accidents and injuries occur because the wrong piece of equipment is used. For example, if you have a ladder that isn’t quite tall enough to reach where you need to be, it can be tempting to use that ladder anyway and simply stretch up or put yourself in a dangerous position to get the task done. Instead it’s worth investing in a new, high quality ladder that’s right for the task.