Keeping your scaffold tower in good condition can be simple, but many owners fail to follow the basic rules and end up causing damage and potentially making it unusable. Treating it correctly will not only extend its lifespan but also ensure that it is completely safe to use whenever you need it. Here are five steps to follow to avoid unnecessarily damaging your tower.

1 - Set it up correctly

The first thing to note is that one of the key moments for keeping your tower in good condition is when you set it up. Not only can you damage your tower in the process of erecting it, but additionally if it is not set up correctly, damage can occur later when it is being used. Not only is it dangerous for anyone who has to work on it, but it can ruin your tower as well.

Make sure that you always use the manufacturer’s instructions when you are setting up your tower, and that they work is carried out by someone with the necessary knowledge and experience to do so. 

2 - Treat it with respect

Remember at all times that your scaffold tower needs to be treated with respect by anyone who is using it. This is especially important when assembling and disassembling. It can be tempting after a long day’s work to disassemble the tower as quickly as possible without worrying about the condition of the parts. But doing so is a mistake and over time you will undoubtedly be causing unnecessary damage to it. Don’t just throw parts around – take the time to nearly pack things away. 

3 - Store it appropriately

On the same note, one area that owners often unnecessarily shorten the lifespan of their tower is when they do not store it correctly. You need to ensure that your tower is stored in a clean, dry and covered area. If a tower is allowed to get dirty or wet it will eventually damage the material, with the potential for the metal to rust.  

4 - Only use it as intended

Once again it is vital to make the point that you should never attempt to use you scaffold tower in a way that it was not intended for. This goes back to following the manufacturer’s instructions – you should never attempt to construct the tower any higher than is recommended and if you don’t have the instructions you shouldn’t try to set up the tower until you have found them. 

5 - Ensure any users are fully qualified

It is also very important to make sure that anyone who is going to be using the scaffold tower is fully qualified to do so. This not only applies to those setting up the tower, but anyone who is going to be on it needs to be aware of how to use the tower properly. Using it carelessly or incorrectly can lead to bad practice and damage being caused.