Most people associate scaffold towers with building work and construction sites, but it’s also true that scaffold towers have a huge range of home applications. They are now cheap, easy to assemble and practical to store, so having one at home can be both easy highly beneficial. Here are five key uses for a scaffold tower at home.

Painting and DIY

Think about how much you pay whenever you have any painting or home improvement tasks carried out in your home. The alternative is to attempt to get out and use a ladder which can be hugely time consuming and potentially put you at risk. Here’s where a scaffold tower could be hugely valuable. They provide a safe and secure platform so that you can get on with DIY tasks quickly and efficiently, cutting down on the danger and the cost of hiring in people to do the work.

Window cleaning

Windows get dirty quickly; it’s a fact of life. If you have your windows cleaned regularly then a scaffold tower can be a hugely valuable purchase. It can be annoying to have to constantly call out professional window cleaners for a job that you could do perfectly well yourself if you could get high enough. This is where a scaffold tower could be perfect. Quick to assemble and much safer to use than a ladder, you will be able to clean your own windows with ease, rather than trying to do it from the inside or paying to have it done professionally.

Cleaning the gutters

Sorting out the gutters is a task that can be required frustratingly often, especially when the weather gets bad. But that means that you have to attempt to clean them in sometimes unpleasant conditions. Firstly this isn’t very much fun, but at the same time you can be putting yourself in a risky situation to be using a ladder while it’s windy and rainy. A scaffold tower gives you a much safer position to clean gutters from.

Christmas decorations

The last thing you want over the Christmas period is to have slip a fall injury while doing something as simple and heart-warming as putting up the decorations. Having a scaffold tower on hand makes it easy for you to get every put up safely and efficiently without having to overreach on ladders. And it’s just as simple when you come to take them down again.

Tree pruning

Tree pruning is one gardening task that can take you up high. But is it really safe to rest a ladder against the branches of a tree while you try to prune? It’s a much better idea to use a scaffold tower so that you can stay entirely safe and have a whole platform to work from.