With the New Year, many of us like to get to work on the house with DIY tasks. Rejuvenating your property can be very rewarding and help it to look its best for the spring. But equally when the weather is cold and unpleasant it can be difficult to find motivation to get started. So here are four DIY tasks that will help improve the way your home looks without being too difficult to carry out.

Clear out some storage space

Christmas and the New Year can make us look around at our homes and think: there’s nowhere to store everything! This can lead us to try to store items in areas that aren’t for storage. It could be that you have a garage that is used as a dumping ground. If this is the case for you, it’s a great idea to take the time to have a thorough clear out of the things you never use anymore, and organising the stuff that you do.

Check your tools after winter

Remember that tools degrade with time and that winter can wreak havoc on them, especially with items like ladders that need to be in excellent condition to keep you safe as you use them. Take the time now to check through your older tools to see if they are still in good working condition. If any of your DIY tools need replacing now is the time to find out, rather than in the spring when you actually come to do the work and realise that you can’t.

Tidy up the garden

The winter is tough on your garden – fallen leaves and difficult weather can leave it looking for from its best. So before the glory of springtime rolls around, it’s worth taking the time to thoroughly clean up your garden. Rake away leaves and clear up space, and also begin to check over and prune the trees and shrubbery. Bad weather can cause broken branches that will never recover – it’s worth cutting them off and letting them grow back.

Repaint the interior

The New Year might seem like the perfect to get some repainting done around the house. But clearly the winter is less than ideal for a time to be painting outside; aside from the cold conditions you would have to work in, you’ll also face the challenges of inclement weather that could easily ruin your hard work.

If you are going to get some painting done, it’s a good idea to work on the interior of your house before spring, which can be the perfect time to get exterior painting done.