Scaffold towers are sturdy and long-lasting but like any other product that gets regular use, they have a limited life span. So what do you do when your scaffold tower has a broken part right before you need it to carry out a job? Here are four options for what to do if your scaffold tower breaks.

Option 1: Replace and fix

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If it’s only one piece of your scaffold tower that has broken or worn down, your best option is probably to simply replace that part and fix the tower with it. This is something that you can do to extend the life of your scaffold tower, as damaged or worn parts can simply be substituted out. Many high quality dealers offer individual scaffold tower parts that you can use. You can always talk through your needs with the company and they will be able to offer you advice.

Option 2: Hire

You might not know that you can actually hire scaffold towers. This can be especially useful if you need a tower at short notice but don’t want to have the expense of buying a new one. Hiring a tower could be a great option if your current one is broken just as you are on a job or are about to start one. It’s often a better idea to hire the tower as quickly as possible, then deal with the broken tower at a later date when you have more time to decide on the best move going forward.

Option 3: Buy new

Perhaps the simplest option available to you is to buy a new scaffold tower to replace your broken one. If you get a lot of use out of your scaffold tower this could actually be a very cost-effective option as you are not going through the expense of hiring one first. Naturally, you’ll also receive all of the benefits of a new scaffold tower, including getting exactly the kind of tower that you need for your requirements. But this is also the most expensive route to go down, and there is another option:

Option 4: Buy used

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Buying second hand scaffold towers can significantly reduce the costs involved while also getting a high quality product. Of course you need to ensure that you buy from a business that thoroughly inspects their towers before re-selling them. It’s also worth pointing out that as the stock of used scaffold towers varies from day-to-day, it may not be easy to immediately get the tower that you are looking for.