Step LadderStep ladders are one of the most versatile forms of ladder, with uses everywhere from small DIY tasks at home to commercial building sites. No home should be without a step ladder as they can make it easier to carry out a large range of tasks that would otherwise be more difficult or even dangerous to attempt. Here are four tasks that you will need a step ladder for.

1 - Changing a light bulb

How often when you change a light bulb do you simply stand on the nearest piece of furniture to hand? Changing a bulb is one of the most basic DIY tasks, but that doesn’t mean that you can disregard safety precautions. Standing on a chair might be convenient, but it can put you at risk of falling and injuring yourself.

It’s a much better idea to take the time to get out your step ladder so that it gives you the correct level of support and stability while you work off the ground. So the next time your bulb needs changing go and get your step ladder so you can make sure you are completely safe.

2 - Interior painting

A step-ladder generally gives you enough clearance off the floor to paint the inside of your home easily. Unless you have very high ceilings it should be possible to do all of the walls and the ceilings using a step ladder. With a platform step ladder you even have a convenient place to hold all of the brushes, paint and other materials you need

3 - Clearing gutters

A step ladder gives you good vertical height on a solid base, meaning that it can be easily used to carry out a range of stationary tasks such as gutter clearing on one storey properties such as bungalows. Often there is no need to use a full-sized ladder to get a task done and you can use a step ladder that you have close to hand.

4 - Gardening

There are multiple forms of gardening that you can do much more easily with a step ladder. For example, if you need to prune bushes or trees it can be useful to get off the ground on a secure platform. This is essential if you are going to be using electric tools which are naturally riskier. A step ladder can be hugely valuable in the garden, so don’t discount it if you are getting ready for spring.