It’s nearly that time of year when spooky decorations get put up for parties across the country – Halloween is almost upon us. For many people, half the fun of the day is decorating their house in scary adornments ranging from skulls and bats to angry pumpkins and spider webs. Whether you’re attempting to frighten trick-or-treaters or preparing the house for an unforgettable Halloween party you need to make sure that you put up for your decorations safely. Injuring yourself can be scary for all the wrong reasons, so follow the advice below this Halloween.  

Are your decorations safe?

The first thing that you need to ask yourself before you get started is: are my Halloween decorations safe? It’s all well and good hanging up huge ornaments above your door, but if they fall and hurt someone it can ruin the evening.

Remember that some items are designed to be used indoors and aren’t necessarily going to be safe if placed on the exterior – this could apply to lights or anything that is electrical. For example, you may need to invest in waterproof extension leads (especially as the weather can be so changeable this time of year). Always check the label of any decoration before using it to ensure it will be safe. 

Use appropriate ladders

It is the case that the most common way that people injure themselves when putting up Halloween decorations is when they fall from height. Whether trying to balance on a chair to hang lights or using a ladder that isn’t fit for purpose, any kind of work at height can be dangerous if you aren’t using the right equipment for the task.

When working outdoors you should use a ladder that is suitable – in other words, one that gives you sufficient height to reach the task comfortably. Remember if you are working with electricity it can be prudent to use a wooden or fibreglass ladder than does not conduct electrical current, rather than a steel one. If you are hanging up decorations indoors, don’t take any risks here either. Use a step ladder than allows you to reach the ceiling rather than any kind of makeshift access equipment!

Make sure you check lights

Another hazard is malfunctioning or broken lights. You should always check your lights (and any electrically powered Halloween decorations) before you put them up. When lights are faulty they can give electric shocks, create sparks or even burn your skin, so make sure that you check them over carefully. Naturally it’s also prudent to check your decorations work before you put them up. It could be extremely frustrating to spend hours setting up lights only to discover that half of them won’t switch on. 

Follow standard safety precautions

Halloween parties can be a lot of fun, but that doesn’t mean that you should abandon all safety precautions when you set them up. Use the correct type of ladder, wear sensible footwear and gloves, as well as any other protection equipment you need.