While windows fulfil a vital function for every building, one of the downsides is that they need regular cleaning. Unfortunately they can also be difficult to reach and tricky to clean without specialist equipment. This can lead to people attempting to work at height to clean them and then injuring themselves. Here are some top tips for how to clean high windows safely.

Avoid working at height when possible

When you think of cleaning high windows it may be that you’re already reaching for the ladder without considering that there may be a safer option. Whenever it’s possible you should look for alternatives for working at height to remove that risk. You could first look into whether it’s possible to clean the window from inside the building or from a balcony. If this isn’t practical you could consider telescopic poles that allow you to reach high and clean windows from the ground.

Ensure the job is organised and planned properly

If there is no other way to clean the windows than through working at height you need to take the time to plan the work. There are lots of different aspects you’ll need to take into account to establish how to safely accomplish the task. How high are the windows? Which would be the most suitable form of access equipment? Are the weather conditions suitable for working at height? Can the necessary tools be taken up and down safely? Ultimately you need to ensure that the work can be accomplished while minimising any risk.

Use suitable access equipment

Undoubtedly one of the most common problems is that people will attempt to use the wrong kind of access equipment. This is usually because they have one ladder available to hand, so they attempt to use it, even if it’s not up to the job. Whether the ladder isn’t high enough for the work or it doesn’t allow you to clean the windows from a safe positon, you shouldn’t attempt to use it if it’s not suitable for the task. It’s always better to take the time to get a more appropriate ladder or scaffold tower to allow you to do the job properly.

Ensure workers are competent to do the job

Anyone who is going to work at height should be competent to do so. This is not just because they can endanger themselves but also because they can be a risk to others. Someone high on a ladder who doesn’t take appropriate caution and drops something can pose a risk to people on the ground below.