Regular maintenance and taking care of your tower properly will not only extend its working lifespan, it will also ensure that it remains safe for anyone who uses it. Here are the best ways to maintain your scaffold tower.

Cleaning and maintenance

It might seem irrelevant to think about things like simple cleaning and minor maintenance for your scaffold tower if it won’t affect how well it functions. But taking care of the tower and giving it the occasional clean encourages anyone using it to treat it with respect. It’s also true that if you come to sell on your scaffold tower at any point you will want it looking in reasonably good condition.


You should make sure that your scaffold tower is always stored in good conditions or it can have an adverse effect on its longevity. Leaving it in poor storage conditions for extended periods can lead to damage or the need to replace parts. Store your scaffold tower somewhere dry and under covers for the best possible results.

Inspect it before use

It’s essential that you should inspect your scaffold tower thoroughly before each time that you use it. Check whether any parts have been worn or have deteriorated – if they have then you should not attempt to use the tower before full repairs have been carried out. It’s not acceptable to assemble the tower and then perform your checks as some elements of the tower cannot be easily checked once it has been erected. This inspection should be completed by someone competent to do so and any problems found should be immediately reported to someone in authority so that they can take appropriate action.

Use it as the manufacturer specifies

One way to maintain your scaffold tower in the best possible condition is to only ever erect it and use it in the way that the manufacturer specifies. Setting it up incorrectly or overburdening the tower will lead to it deteriorating very quickly. So ensure that you always follow the instructions and use it correctly. This is the best way to minimise the level of risk for those people using the tower.

Along the same lines, it can be important to provide your staff or any workers using the scaffold tower with training on how to use it safely and respectfully. Using the tower incorrectly can damage it.

Spare parts

If a part of your scaffold tower does get damaged or lost it is possible to replace them with spare parts. This is definitely worth if you buy quality parts from reputable dealers as it can extend the life of your tower, rather than you having to buy a new one.