It is natural that thieves will look for easy ways to steal. Many people assume that it will never happen to them, but if you do not take the right precautions, you can find yourself at the mercy of criminals. Just as with any valuable piece of DIY or working equipment, there is always a risk that your ladder will be a target for those thieves.

Ladders, while not small, have two qualities that make them attractive to thieves: they are expensive and they are often lightweight. As ladders may not have any distinctive markings or any very obvious identifiable features it can also often be difficult to recover a ladder once it has been stolen. That means that you need to take appropriate steps to ensure that your ladder is always as secure as possible, and is never an easy target for criminals. 

Store your ladder

The first and most obvious way to prevent ladder theft is to ensure that you always take the time to lock away your ladder after each use. It is all too common for ladders used either for DIY work or professional use to simply be placed against a wall or left in plain view. This is really something that must be avoided – not only does it make your ladder completely available to anyone, it also puts it on display so that potential thieves would be able to see where it is.

So you need to find a space where you can store your ladder at any time it is not being used. This could be in a van, in a shed or somewhere else that can only be accessed with a key. 


Even when you do take the time to store your ladder away somewhere secure, you can’t be completely certain of its safety. A determined thief may well be able to gain access to a garage or storage area, in which case it is always best to additionally secure your ladder inside. A thief who has broken into somewhere will likely want to get out as soon as possible to ensure that they don’t get caught in the act.

Securing your ladder with a heavy duty padlock is a smart way to make things as difficult as possible for any potential thief.

Remember that the price of scrap metal is increasing all the time which makes something like a ladder an even more popular target for theft than ever before. Having your ladder stolen can be a huge inconvenience that will not only mean you will have to pay out for a new one, but also will lose you potential working hours.

It is definitely worth investing in security features and taking the time implement them properly so that you can avoid having to deal with the situation.