Getting a ladder to a job requires transportation, and doing so means that you need to take sensible steps to ensure both that the ladder arrives in good condition and that you avoid potentially knocking or damaging anything. There are two types of ladder transportation we will be looking at in this blog: carrying your ladder by hand, and drive a ladder on your car. Here are some tips on how to transport your ladder safely in both scenarios.

Carrying a ladder

Whether you are moving your ladder from one part of your home to another or walking it down the road to a neighbour’s house to carry out some DIY, the principles of carrying a ladder remain the same. Firstly, you need to be spatially aware at all times – a ladder is a large and heavy object, so if you are carrying it close to other people or objects you need to have a good understanding of what will happen if you move the ladder.

Walk slowly and try to make sure that you have at least two people carrying the ladder so that you can cover both ends. When you pick up the ladder, make sure that you bend your knees and lift with your legs, rather than putting the strain of lifting into your back. Additionally, you should remember that when you come to turn, you should use your feet rather than your waist. Check very carefully before changing direction.

Driving a ladder

If you are going to drive your ladder somewhere else then you will need to fix it to your car. Ladders are expensive, but so is your car, so make sure that it is tied down securely with a strong rope. Some people assume that you need a rack on your car to carry a ladder, and while this would be ideal, it is not essential. If you don’t have a rack then protect the roof with some sort of cushioning such as a thick blanket, or pillows.

And remember that you are responsible for your ladder and your safety on the road, to ensure that you thoroughly check over the ladder to make sure that it is securely tied in place. If you have any doubts about whether the ladder is secure then you should not drive with it on the roof.

There are also legal requirements for how far the ladder overhangs your car. For example, if the ladder overhangs the car by between 2 and 3.05 metres at the front or the back, you will need to have marker boards. If there is an overhang of 3.05 metres or more, you will need to give the police two days’ notice.