Telescopic Ladders ImageAt Precipitous we are often asked about our range of telescopic ladders. These innovative products are growing in popularity and offer a range of advantages compared to standard ladders. Here are the answers to frequently asked questions we get about telescopic ladders.

What is a telescopic ladder?

A telescopic ladder works the same way as a telescope. The thinner upper sections of the ladder are designed to fit into the larger bottom sections so the ladder collapses into itself, making it easy to carry, store and move around – a telescopic ladder with a closed height of 0.78m can extend to an overall length of 3.3m. 

What types of telescopic ladder are available?

There is a very wide variety of telescopic ladders available. The standard telescopic ladder simply extends out and can be used a range of different heights depending on your needs.However, there are also telescopic multi-purpose ladders that can be used as a step ladder or for work on stairs.

If you are interested in learning about which telescopic ladder might be right for your needs, the team at Precipitous would be happy to provide you with more information

What can telescopic ladders be used for?

The construction of telescopic ladders mean that they are extremely versatile and can used for a whole range of both DIY and professional tasks. As mentioned above, there are different types of telescopic ladder that are used for specific situations – whether you are painting, cleaning windows or even working on the roof, a telescopic ladder can be ideal. They are especially useful if you have limited storage space but like to get a lot of work around the house. These ladders can be folded down to a very small size and stored almost anywhere. 

What are the benefits of telescopic ladders?

Telescopic ladders have a number of benefits over standard ladders. Firstly, they can be more conveniently stored and are far more compact than most ladders. Additionally, this makes them less likely to be damaged due to poor storage or left open to the elements. They are typically made from aluminium, which makes them extremely lightweight and easy to carry out between jobs.

All of the telescopic ladders we sell additionally conform to all of the relevant safety requirements, so you don’t need to worry that you are compromising on safety. 

How can I use a telescopic ladder safely?

Of course safety is an important factor when using your telescopic ladder, just as it with any type of ladder. It should first be noted that the telescopic ladders that we sell all conform to the European standard, EN131. Additionally there are a number of checks that you carry out before each use to ensure that your ladder is in good condition to use.

Firstly, check the stiles, feet and rungs of the ladder for any wear or damage. Next ensure that the ladder is correctly locked into place. And finally, ensure that the ladder is properly set up on a flat surface with the feet braced.