Telescopic ladders (also known as telescoping ladders) are less well known than the traditional extension ladder or step ladders, but they have a huge range of uses and advantages. Everyone from professionals to keen DIYers can benefit from having a telescopic ladder available to them. Here are some of the advantages and reasons to buy a telescopic ladder.

Convenient storage

One of the obvious advantages of the telescopic ladder is that they can be packed very tightly to allow for easy storage. Unlike traditional ladders, telescopic options can be folded down to less than a third of their full height allowing you to store them in a convenient location for quick access whenever you need them. This also means that there is no need to store them outside, which reduces their exposure to the elements and can prolong their lifespan. Ultimately this makes them safer too as they are less like to be worn down.

Easy to carry

Transporting a traditional ladder can be awkward and difficult. They can be challenging to move within the confines of a house and some won’t fit easily into a car to allow them to be moved around. But neither of those problems are an issue with a telescopic ladder. The fact that their size can be highly reduced by packing them down means they can easily be taken in any car. They are also made from lightweight aluminium so they are easy to carry for anyone.

Highly versatile

Telescoping ladders are some of the most convenient of any ladders. Extended to over 3 metres in height, they can be used for a huge variety of jobs while being easy to move around and store. But what’s even better is that each rung can be individually adjusted, so you can ensure that your ladder reaches the perfect for you to carry out the work. This means that it can effectively substitute for both an extension ladder and a step ladder, carrying out both tasks easily. Whether you’re using the ladder around the house, in the garden or on a construction site, it’s perfect. 

Excellent build quality

Constructed in lightweight aluminium, these telescopic ladders have an excellent build quality so that you know you are getting a truly high quality product. They are also wear resistant with anodised stiles.

Very safe

You might think all of these advantages come at the price of a reduced emphasis on safety, but it’s not the case. In fact, telescopic ladders have a range of safety features include extra wide treads for comfortable use and a weight rating of 150kg, meaning it can support a weight of more than 23-and-a-half stone.