When most people need to buy a stepladder they will look at options like aluminium and wood. But it’s worth knowing that you could also choose fibreglass. Fibreglass is a strong material that is becoming more popular both in trades and at home. But why should you choose a fibreglass stepladder over a traditional material? Here are the advantages of choosing fibreglass.

They don’t conduct electricity

The major advantage for fibreglass stepladders over their metal counterparts is that they do not conduct electricity. This means that you can safely use your stepladder while carrying out any kind of electrical work. Other materials have similar non-conductive properties, such as wood, but fibreglass holds a number of advantages over wood.

They are heat resistant

Unlike both wood and steel stepladders, fibreglass is a material that is highly resistant to heat and flames. This means that in hazardous conditions it can be far better to have a fibreglass model available to you over any other option.

They are strong

Fibreglass is a very strong and durable man-made material – far stronger than natural materials that are often used for stepladders, such as wood. This means that every time you step onto the fibreglass stepladder you can have complete confidence in their strength. It’s worth remembering that while aluminium ladders are also very strong, there are different grades of the metal, so choosing a cheap aluminium stepladder could mean that it is made of a relatively weak material.

They can endure bad weather conditions 

Fibreglass is not adversely affected by poor weather. It doesn’t have issues with rust or corrosion. This means that if you are going to be using your stepladder outside, it could be best to invest in a fibreglass model.

There are no issues with weight

One of the disadvantages of fibreglass ladders compared to aluminium models is that they weigh a lot more. This means that they can be relatively inconvenient as they are harder to move around – this puts some people off buying fibreglass ladders. However, with stepladders this is much less of a concern as they are smaller and the additional weight does not make them significantly more difficult to move around.

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