If you ever need to carry out work at height – either professionally or at home – it can be a brilliant idea to invest in a scaffold tower. Scaffold towers offer a range of additional features which often makes them superior to ladders in terms of effectiveness and safety. It’s no surprise then, that they are becoming more and more popular across the UK.

There are three different ways that you can get your hands on a scaffold tower, all with different advantages and disadvantages. However, it’s also true that there are a number of elements that are common to all of these options. Firstly, you should always buy through an established and trusted dealer. It might be tempting to save money but you could be buying a flawed or worn-out tower that isn’t safe to be used. Secondly, make sure that the tower is truly fit for purpose. Yes, a scaffold tower can be enormously valuable but if it’s not the right piece of kit for the job, using it can be potentially dangerous.

Finally, never opt for a scaffold tower purely on the basis of price. Getting a tower cheaply that’s wrong for the job or is not up to the correct safety standards is simply a false economy. You’ll either end up having to buy a replacement or someone will get hurt. If you make the right choices, you’ll get a scaffold tower that is perfect for your needs. So, here are the three different options you have if you’re looking to buy a scaffold tower.

Option 1: Buy new

The first and most obvious option is to find a high quality scaffold tower supplier and buy a tower brand new. Naturally this comes with the advantage that you are getting a high quality product that is perfect for your requirements. This gives you the chance to choose from a wide range of possibilities including fibreglass towers and extra tall towers. Just as with any other product, buying a new scaffold tower is typically the most expensive option. So if you are working to a strict budget then it may be a better idea for you to go with option 2 or 3.

Option 2: Buy second-hand

Buying a second hand scaffold tower can be a great way to pick up the equipment you need at a lower price. When you buy from an experienced and trusted dealer, you know that you’ll be getting an excellent product that has been thoroughly inspected to ensure it is completely safe and in good condition. Just make sure that you are buying the correct product for your needs. It can sometimes be tempting to up for a cheaper product that isn’t quite right for you – but when you use a scaffold tower that isn’t fit for requirements, you are putting yourself in danger.

Option 3: Hire

Finally, you should consider the third option – not buying at all. It’s possible to hire scaffold towers from many suppliers. This option may be best if you only need the tower for one job or you are unlikely to re-use it in the future.