Whether you are using a scaffold tower for some DIY around your home or in the workplace, you need to ensure that you are following the correct safety precautions. Here we look at some important ways that you can stay safe while you work on a scaffold tower.

Carry out a risk assessment

When you are going to carry out any kind of work at height it is vital that you should first carry out a thorough risk assessment. A scaffold tower is one of the safest ways to work at height, but any time you have to work off the ground you are putting yourself at risk, so it is essential to understand whether there are safer ways to carry out the work.

It may be the case that a task can actually be carried out from ground level. Additionally, even if working with the scaffold tower is the safest option, it is important to look at other factors, such as safety precautions for people below the tower.

Those using the tower must be competent

It is also the case that anyone who is going to build, dismantle, inspect or work on the tower must have the skills, experience and knowledge to do so. There may not be a formal qualification in order to do this, but it is vital that those expected to do these tasks have the necessary competence. It should also be noted that tower components should be regularly inspected by someone who is competent to do so. 

Use a tower that is suitable for the job

You should only ever use a tower that is suitable for the task that you want to carry out. This means that if you have a scaffold tower and it is not quite tall enough, you should never attempt to gain additional height in a way that is contrary to the manufacturer’s instructions.

What not to do on a scaffold tower

It is often just as important with a scaffold tower to establish exactly what you should not to do when you work. Here are some key things that you should never do when you are setting up or working on a scaffold tower:

  • Never set up the tower in a way that has not been recommended by the manufacturer
  • Never set up a tower without the appropriate instruction manual
  • Do not use a scaffold tower that does not have a guardrail or appropriate fall protection
  • Do not stand on a platform without protection while erecting or dismantling a tower
  • Never try to set up a tower on top of other objects to gain additional height