Man taking down Christmas decorations from roof

Now that Christmas is over and the New Year has begun, it’s time to start thinking of putting those Christmas decorations away if you haven’t already. Depending on how you decorated your home for the festive season, you might need a bit of assistance getting to those harder to reach decorations. If you’ve put up Christmas lights outside your house, or have things hanging higher up inside your home, you will likely need to use a ladder or step ladder to get to them. Take a look at our advice below, including tips to stay safe when taking down your decorations.

Use a step ladder for inside your home

If you’ve got Christmas decorations hanging up inside, then the chances are that they won’t be up too high. However, a step ladder can give you a much needed boost. You might be tempted to use something else to stand on when taking down those harder to reach decorations inside, but using a step ladder is much safer than improvising with something else.

Using a good quality step ladder can easily get you that extra few feet off the ground and offer you the support you need to work safely. Of course, you should always be careful when working at height, even if you are only using a step ladder to take down your decorations. While you might not be too far off the ground, you are still at risk of falling and a shorter fall can still be damaging to the body. Make sure you are dressed appropriately, such as not using footwear that can easily slide off like slippers. If you’ve got someone helping you pack away the Christmas decorations, they can also keep an eye on you while you are up on the step ladder.

Check your loft ladder

Lofts are great places to store things throughout the year, and if you’ve got one, you probably use it to keep your Christmas decorations stored away. However, you might not use the loft ladder frequently, so it is important to inspect it beforehand. If it isn’t up to standard, then it’s time to buy a new one so that you don’t put yourself at risk. Remember, if you need to take bigger boxes up to the loft then its better to have someone pass them up to you if possible. This way, you can keep proper contact with the ladder while you work.

Use a ladder for outside work

If you’ve hung up lights outside your home, then you’ll need a suitably sized ladder for the job. Roof ladders, as the name implies, are perfect for working roof areas where Christmas lights are usually put up. If you need something more adjustable, then an extension ladder might be better for you. No matter what ladder you end up using, its important to make sure it is safe to use. Just like your loft ladder or step ladder, you need to make sure it is in good condition before use. Another important safety tip is to make sure that you do not set up your ladder on unstable ground, and that it is set up on a solid foundation.

If you need a new ladder, or you’re not sure which ladder would be the perfect one for the job, we can help. We have many years’ experience in the scaffold and ladder industry, and are also one of the UK’s market leaders in rigging and working at height. Contact us today to find out more.