Whether you are buying for industrial or commercial use, it’s natural to want your scaffolding at an affordable price. So, buying used scaffold towers can be a smart way to save money. But as the old saying goes – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. That leads us to the question: is it really possible to get high quality scaffolding at a lower price?

The good news is that you can – but there are a few things that you need to consider before you buy. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you buy used scaffold towers.

Are you using the scaffold long-term?

Some people think that used scaffolding can only be useful for short-term or one off use. That’s not quite true – if the scaffolding is in good condition you will still get a lot of use from it, but you simply need to assess the situation.

Just as with anything else, scaffolding has a limited lifespan. If the used scaffold towers you are considering have already been used extensively and you plan to spend a lot of time on it as well, it may not last particularly long. In this instance, it may be best to buy new scaffolding.

Do you know the specifics of the job?

It’s important that you should buy scaffolding that is fit for its purpose, and this is especially true if you’re buying second hand. You never want to be in a position where you are buying scaffolding that isn’t quite right for the job you want, even if it saves you money to do so. Working at height can be very dangerous when using tools that are not fit for purpose. Buying scaffolding that is the wrong specification can actually put you and your workers in danger.

Always put safety first, so it’s important that you should know the specifics of the job that you are doing before you commit to buying used scaffolding, no matter how much of a bargain it appears to be.

Has the scaffolding been checked by experts?

Once again, this comes down to safety. You need to know that the scaffolding that you are buying has been checked and approved by experts. Unsafe scaffolding can be exceptionally dangerous and not only leave you open to legal action being taken against you but also the possibility of seriously injuring workers. That’s why it is so important that you should buy from a company with experienced staff who really understand used scaffolding.

Are you buying from a reputable company?

The best way to ensure you’re getting a high quality product is to buy from an experienced and reputable scaffolding company. Choose someone with expert staff who really know their stuff – call up before you make any purchase and ask a few questions. If they are knowledgeable and helpful, as well as having a good reputation.

Can you get advice and support?

Another benefit of choosing a reputable company is that you can get useful support and advice from their members of staff. If you don’t have that level of expertise in scaffolding it can be vital to be able to ask for honest and impartial advice.