You might assume that a scaffold tower is something that is only ever used by building professionals and on construction sites. But this is not necessarily the case – the are plenty of uses for a scaffold tower around the house whether you are carrying out a specific project on your home or just need it for some DIY. Scaffold towers are also more accessible than ever; they are affordable and can even be hired if you only need them for a short period of time. Here are some of the uses for scaffold towers around the house. 

DIY tasks

The most obvious use for a scaffold tower is to carry out any form of DIY. Whether you are getting painting done or working on the ceiling and require access, a scaffold tower can be easily setup to help you accomplish a task quickly and safely. Of course it should also be noted that one of the major benefits of using a scaffold tower instead of a ladder is that it provides you with a safer and more stable platform to work from. This is especially useful if you are working outside – any kind of DIY work on the exterior of the house will usually be safer on a scaffold tower. 

Decorating the house

Another time when a scaffold tower can come in handy is when you are putting up decorations. Whether it is for Christmas, Halloween or just a party that you are hosting, having a scaffold tower can make it much easier to put up your decorations, especially if it is a job that will require two free hands. 

Cleaning windows

Many people pay for a professional winding cleaning service because they would rather not have to put themselves at risk by getting up on a tall ladder to clean their high windows. This can be frustrating as this is a job that you could easily do yourself if you had the correct access equipment. Using a scaffold tower takes away much of the risk involved and makes the job far quicker than having to use a ladder. 

Pruning in the garden

A scaffold tower can be enormously useful for all kinds of work in the garden but especially if you are going to be pruning trees or bushes. Resting a ladder against a tree can be dangerous, especially if you are working with an electric pruner. Having a stable platform to work from is a much safer environment. 

Clearing the gutters

Once again, if you are going to work high on your home, you need to have as much stability as possible. A scaffold tower provides you with two free hands to work on the gutter.