If you’re going to carry out any work at height then you are going to need some form of access equipment. For most people, that means immediately getting their ladder out of storage. But while ladders can be extremely useful, it’s also the case that you could be overlooking other, more practical options.

Sometimes it can be a better idea to consider using a high quality scaffold tower for the work that you are carrying out. Let’s have a look at some of the different occasions when it’s best to use a scaffold tower, and when it’s just as practical to use a ladder.

When a ladder is best

Ladders are popular for a huge number of reasons. Whether for a professional tradesperson carrying out a number or tasks or just an individual doing a bit of DIY around the house, a ladder is a convenient, versatile and user friendly piece of access equipment. Durable but lightweight, they are easy to move and store, and you don’t need to have any special training or knowledge in order to work with them.

Additionally, ladders are available in an enormous variety of styles, designs and materials, so you can easily pick the perfect one for the job. Whether you’re looking for an aluminium ladder or a fibreglass model that doesn’t conduct electricity, you can pick them up cheaply.

However, many people choose to use ladders simply because they are familiar with them, rather than because they are right tool for the job. Ladders have limitations and in some scenarios in can be better to look for alternative options in times of your access equipment. This is where the scaffold tower comes in.

When to use a scaffold tower

Scaffold towers are perfect for longer or larger-scale jobs than those that can be carried out on ladders. One of the principle advantages is that you can have both hands free, making them perfect for tasks like bricklaying or painting. As you’ll be standing on a platform, you’ll have a solid surface for better balance and comfort too. This is why scaffold towers are often preferred by tradespeople and professionals.

While these advantages are clear it’s important to note that this doesn’t mean that they are better for every job. Scaffold towers generally take longer to set up and take down than ladders. If you are interested in learning more about scaffold towers, or would like to talk to experts about which kind of access equipment might be right for you, please get in contact with Precipitous today. A member of our team would be happy to go over your needs and requirements.