Are you getting ready to carry out some window cleaning at your home? It is important to use the correct type of ladder. In this blog we will take a look at the different types of ladders you can use to clean windows and help you be safe as you work at height.

The different ladders available

There are many types of ladder available and for a task like window cleaning you need to first make sure that your ladder is tall enough. The last thing you want to be doing is having to lean and stretch, potentially putting yourself in a dangerous position to clean the windows. Extension ladders and combination 3-way ladders are both popular choices for window cleaners.

It should be noted that if you have a ladder that almost reaches, but is easily available, you shouldn’t be tempted to use it. You ladder needs to give you an appropriate height in which to carry out the work without having to put yourself in an uncomfortable position.

Always use a ladder when you need one

When planning to clean their windows, some people make a mistake that can be extremely dangerous for them. And that is using an object other than a ladder to attempt to work at height. For example, you might assume that if you are cleaning windows at ground level that you can do this work without the help of ladder. However, depending on the height of your windows they may be too tall for you to carry out the task entirely.

This leads many people to use a makeshift solution such as standing on a box. You might assume that this fine, but a box is not designed to allow you clean. This could mean that you are susceptible to falling. Even if you only need a little extra height to clean the windows safely you should use a stepladder that allows you to do so securely.

Look for alternatives

Remember that it might not always be completely necessary for you to use a ladder to carry out window cleaning. Any kind of work at height is dangerous so you should explore other options before getting up on the ladder. For example, it might be possible to use an extending wiper from ground level to reach high windows.

Additionally, if you have windows that open wide it may be possible to clean your windows from inside your home. Both of these options are safer than working at height, and should be considered if possible.