Scaffold towers are one of the most popular forms of access equipment and have a broad variety of uses, both domestically and professionally. But whether you’re buying to carrying out construction work or you’ve got a home project that requires a tower, you should only ever purchase from a trusted supplier. Sometimes it can seem like a good idea to go for a cheaper option but any money that you save buying anywhere other than a reputable dealer is simply a false economy. Here is why you need to buy your tower from a high quality supplier.

Never compromise on safety

Ultimately, you are using a scaffold tower because you want to provide the safest possible environment for work at height. Scaffold towers are a very safe form of access equipment as they provide a stable platform and railings to limit the risk of falling. But scaffold towers are only safe if they are supplied to you in great condition.

If a scaffold tower is being sold at a much lower price than those offered by experienced suppliers, there is probably a reason that it is so cheap. One of those reasons could be that it is not up to the correct safety standards. You should never compromise you safety for a lower price.

Choose from a range of options

There is a wide variety of scaffold towers available, each with a different properties. For example, it may be the case that you would benefit from a fibreglass scaffold tower which will not conduct electricity. You might also need a specific height or size of tower to be able to carry out the task properly.

Get the right scaffold tower for the job

It might be the case that someone is offering a scaffold tower to you at a lower price because they no longer need it. Of course this is fine and doesn’t necessarily mean that the tower is in poor condition. However, it also means that you are limited to that single scaffold tower that they have available. The tower that you are buying might not be the right one for the task that you are trying to undertake. Once again this could compromise your safety if you’re using a tower that isn’t fit for purpose.

A professional scaffold tower supplier will allow you to choose the perfect tower for the job at hand, rather than just letting you make do with what is available.

The option to buy second hand

We have touched on the issue of second hand scaffold towers but it is worth pointing out that many reputable suppliers offer a range of high quality used towers that could be perfect for your requirements. Buying from a reputable dealer ensures that the tower will have been thoroughly checked and is in excellent condition.