There are some jobs that require you to work at height but are not suited to a ladder. It may be the case that you require some sort of platform to safely place a number of tools, or you might need to have both hands entirely free to carry out complex work on the outside of a property. In this situation you might assume that you need to erect permanent scaffolding in order to carry out the work safely.

Thankfully, however, it is possible to make use of a scaffold tower instead. Here we take a look at some of the reasons it might actually be preferable to use a scaffold tower instead of scaffolding for your work at height.

Quicker to assemble

Scaffold towers are much quicker to assemble than traditional scaffolding. Towers can typically be erected by one person, so they are suitable for sole traders or commercial tradespeople, as opposed to scaffolding which requires a team of people with specialist training to set up. This means that scaffold towers can be effectively used by anyone and it is far easier to do so.

Of course, it also means that scaffold towers are quicker to disassemble – the whole process is simpler and less time consuming.

More versatile

There are many jobs – from simply home DIY to professional construction sites – that require additional stability or the ability to use two hands while working. In this case a ladder would not be appropriate, but a permanent scaffold would not be suitable either. However, a scaffold tower can be used due to their aforementioned fast setup time.

They can be used for all sorts of jobs, and it may also be possible to set them up on uneven ground where a ladder could not be safely placed.

Easier to transport

You might not realise just how easy it is to transport scaffold towers. Whilst they are very large structures when built, they are also extremely lightweight – this makes them very easy to move when they are disassembled. They can typically be transported in medium-sized vehicles without any danger of exceeding weight limits.

This can make them ideal for tasks that require a more stable and durable platform that a ladder, but where a full-size scaffolding installation would take too long. You can simply transport the tower to the location of the job, set it up quickly and get the work done safely.

Just as durable

Scaffold towers are just as durable and long-lasting as any traditional scaffolding. Towers are typically made with aluminium components – this is a very strong and non-corrosive metal, meaning that it is up to any task. Therefore you can use them with the same peace of mind in terms of safety and durability.

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