If you are considering working at height, a scaffold tower can often be seen as a safer option, especially if you are carrying out tasks that are going to take a long time. But during the winter, working from a scaffold tower presents a number of risks that aren’t necessarily a problem at other times of year.

If you are planning to use a scaffold tower it is important to follow safety advice closely. Here are some of our tips for working on a tower over winter.

Be aware of the weather

One of the major mitigating circumstances when working at height is what the weather is going to be like. Inclement weather can make working on a scaffold tower dangerous. You should always check the forecast and be mindful of the current conditions when you are working. Heavy rain or strong winds not only have the potential to knock things off the tower (creating danger for anyone standing beneath) but could also cause people using the tower to lose balance.

Never take a risk and attempt to use a scaffold tower if the weather is poor. Remember that it will be harder to work in bad conditions so it is a better idea to wait for things to calm down before working on the tower.

Dress appropriately

It is always important to dress appropriately when you are using a scaffold tower. This is never more pertinent than in the winter when cold weather – wearing the wrong gear can lead you feeling cold very quickly, which can put you in a dangerous position when you are working at height. You need to have as much dexterity and strength as possible, so wrap up warm, wear gloves and assume the weather will get colder as you work.

Check your scaffold tower thoroughly

The winter can be tough on scaffold towers and whilst they are highly durable, parts can begin to deteriorate over time. Someone with experience should check over the tower thoroughly before it is set up to ensure that all of the parts are still in good conditions. It is also a good idea to think about how your tower is stored over the winter to make sure it is suitably protected.

Use a tower that is right for the job

Scaffold towers can be extremely useful access equipment if you are going to be carrying out a task over a longer period of time. But it is important to use a tower that is right for the job. If the tower is not tall enough, for example, you should not attempt to set it up in a way that is not recommended (such as with a step-ladder on top), as this can be dangerous.