Podium Steps Hire

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Podium Steps Hire

The efficiency and quality of work drops when it is carried out at full stretch or from a cramped position. Thus, by utilising podium steps of the correct height your work rate can be increased. Additionally, the working at height regulations state that a work platform should “allow the person to adopt the correct work position or posture for the work in hand”. Podium Steps Hire can help you achieve this.

We can offer podium steps with platform heights ranging from 0.4m to 1.9m.


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Podium Steps Hire

Why use podium steps?

Since the work at height regulations came into force the use of step ladders on site has been diminishing year by year. Whilst perfectly suitable for some tasks, step ladders are inherently not as safe as podium steps.

Podium steps offer a safe and secure means of access for low level working at height. By offering a full platform they also prevent the need for overstretching, twisting or hunching as is common when using step ladders. Allowing you to move naturally and concentrate on the work you are undertaking.

Podium steps are less tiring to move between work positions and less tiring to work on compared to step ladders. They are also wider and much more stable than a stepladder. Plus, by having a full guardrail the risk of injury from falling or toppling is greatly reduced compared to using stepladders.

Designed to fit through standard doors and into lifts they are no less convenient to move around site. Assembly takes mere seconds longer than putting up a stepladder but only needs to be done once.

Podium Steps Hire also gives you a number of unique benefits that step ladders cannot offer. For instance if you take advantage of our Sherpascopic Hire you will also be able to work on stairs. Something that would normally require an additional hire of a specialist scaffold tower or combination ladder.