Scaffold Tower Hire

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Scaffolding Tower Hire

The span aluminium scaffold tower is supplied to you ready to assemble. With all necessary safety features such as toe boards and stabilisers included.

The scaffold tower arrives complete with full assembly instructions and is suitable for both commercial and domestic use.

For first times users a scaffold tower should take around 10-30 minutes to erect and does not require any special tools.

Scaffolding tower hire is the perfect choice for when you need to clean out your gutters, paint your house or even inspect your roof. If you feel like reaching for your old ladder, think again. Last year 35 people died falling from height and thousands more had major injuries.



Platform HeightOur Price per WeekPlatform HeightOur Price per Week
1.3m 4' and 1.5m 5'£409.8m 32' and 10.3m 34'£140
1.8m 6' and 2.3m 8'£4510.8m 36' and 11.3m 37'£155
2.8m 9'£5011.8m 39' and 12.3m 40'£165
3.3m 11'£5512.8m 42' and 13.3m 44'£175
3.8m 13' and 4.3m 14'£6513.8m 45' and 14.3m 47'£185
4.8m 16' and 5.3m 17'£7514.8m 49' and 15.3m 50'£195
5.8m 19; and 6.3m 21'£8515.8m 52' and 16.3m 54'£205
6.8m 22' and 7.3m 24'£10516.8m 55' and 17.3m 57'£215
7.8m 26' and 8.3m 27'£11517.8m 59' and 18.3m 60'£225
8.8m 29' and 9.3m 31'£125 
Scaffold Tower Hire


Choosing your Scaffold Tower Width - Two to pick from

  • Double width frames are 1.4m wide. They fit two platforms across the tower and are useful where there are two people working on a scaffold tower or for greater coverage from the tower.
  • Single Width frames are 0.8m wide. They will take one platform. They are useful for tight spaces such as alleyways and on stairs.
  • Need something really narrow? Then have a look at our stairmax towers.
Scaffold Tower Hire Widths

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Choosing your Scaffold Tower Platform Length - Four to pick from

  • You will rarely find the range of sizes of platform we offer from other suppliers.
  • Our 4' (1.4m) platforms are handy in tight workspaces and are excellent for lift shafts etc.
  • 6' (2.0m) and 8' (2.5m) are the most commonly used sizes and give you a large working platform whilst not making the scaffold tower overly sized.
  • At the other end of the scale the 10' (3.0m) platforms are great for working on large projects allowing more work to be done before the scaffold tower is moved.
  • Please note that we only have limited stocks of certain sizes.
Scaffold Tower Hire Platform Lengths

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Span Access Tower Hire

A premium lightweight industrial access tower with integral climbing rungs.

To be able to work as quickly and efficiently as possible it is essential to be able to place your platform at the correct height.

It is so simple to erect even an absolute beginner should be able to erect it in under an hour without special tools or training.

The span scaffold tower allows you to do just that. With rungs spaced every 250mm and adjustable legs you can achieve the perfect platform height. Ordinary access towers have rungs every 500mm and make use of special ladder frames for you to climb within the tower. On the span tower the rungs also act as an integral ladder allowing for easy access and climbing within the scaffold tower.


Why mobile scaffold tower hire?

Mobile scaffold tower hire is one of the most popular options for people working at height. For a low price you can have peace of mind and security when working at height.

Using access tower hire gives you complete flexibility in the tasks you undertake, whether you are working on a construction site or undertaking repair work around the home.

Mobile scaffold towers let you carry out jobs both in and outdoors and at a wide variety of heights. Whilst still offering complete safety and security. The lightweight aluminium scaffold towers can be moved around and adjusted easily, making it simple to work in even the tightest of spots.


DIY Scaffold Tower Hire

Whether you are looking to undertake some basic home maintenance or are preparing for that dream renovation job, access tower hire can help you.

Scaffold towers are not just designed for use by professional users and you need not be confused by all the different parts. With the full assembly instructions provided you should have your tower ready and assembled in no time at all.


Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Q: Do your towers comply with the Work at Height Regulations 2005?
  • A: Yes our towers are fully compliant and are assembled by the Through The Trap (3T) method
  • Q: Do you hire to the public and trade users?
  • A: Yes, we provide scaffold tower hire to anyone who needs it
  • Q: Why have I got an odd number of frames?
  • A: Because two small frames are joined together! We do this to make transport easier.
  • Q: I want to work on the outside of my house. What size tower is best?
  • A: For a standard two storey house a 5.3m high scaffold tower should give you full coverage.
  • Q: Does it come with toe boards and stabilisers?
  • A: Yes, you hire tower will come complete with all the manufacturers recommended components
  • Q: Do you build/erect the scaffold tower?
  • A: No, unfortunately not as this would add considerable expense. We do however provide an easy to use set of instructions and can provide training courses should you need.
  • Q: Do you supply stairway towers?
  • A: This tower can be made to fit on stairs, please call us for details. For narrower domestic stairways please have a look at our Stairmax scaffolding tower hire.
  • Q: What is your minimum scaffold tower hire period?
  • A: There is a minimum charge of one weeks hire, after this it becomes a daily rate. We can of course collect the tower prior to the end of the week.
  • Q: How long will delivery take?
  • A: Just tell us when you want it when booking. Next day delivery is rarely a problem. If you need an AM delivery please make sure to specify it.
  • Q: Can the scaffold tower be used on uneven ground?
  • A: Yes, it comes with adjustable legs allowing you to level the tower.
  • Q: Can the platform height be varied?
  • Yes, you can place the platform every 0.25m below the maximum height. If you need to achieve an exact height not listed please let us know and we can supply the necessary components.