Stair Scaffold Tower Hire

We offer three different types of scaffold tower for use on stairs, capable of reaching heights of over 12 metres

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Youngman BOSS Stairmax

The safest portable access solution for domestic and commercial staircases

  • Maximum platform height of 2.2m (from lowest step)
  • Maximum tower width of 700mm
  • Maximum platform safe working load of 150kg
  • 1.3m slip resistant deck with self closing trapdoor and windlock
  • Easy to store and transport

From just £50 per week, excluding VAT and Transport.

Stairmax Stair Scaffold Tower Hire

Health and safety is the most important factor when it comes to maintenance and building work and scaffold towers offer the upmost security for working at height.

So what happens when you have to work on narrow stairways and corridors? A standard scaffold tower is too wide to fit and for extended tasks ladders are not suitable.

Therefore Alloy Access offers a solution. The Youngman BOSS StairMax Scaffold Tower. Designed to offer a safe access solution of mind when working on stairs and in narrow corridors.

This extra narrow scaffold tower has frames only 600mm. The total width is less than 700mm allowing it to fit onto nearly all domestic staircases.

Like a normal scaffold tower, the stair scaffold tower is made up from a few easy to use components. It is safe and easy to erect and provides a secure working platform.

Stair scaffold towers features base plates and adjustable legs to give the tower a firm and level footing. Additional stabilisers prevent the tower from toppling. Assembling the scaffold tower is easy and even an inexperienced user should be able to erect the tower in less than 30 minutes utilising the provided assembly instructions.

Stair scaffold towers offer a maximum platform height of 2.2m from the lowest stair. Giving you a working height of up to 4.2m

The platform is designed for use by one person and tools and has a 150kg rating for its slip resistant deck.

If you are a professional or just setting out to decorate your staircase, the stair scaffold tower is for you. Designed to provide a safe and convenient way of working on stairways and in narrow corridors.


StairDeck makes use of a patented, moving ladder frame, allowing the user to access the tower directly from the stairwell in a safe manor. Access to the working platform can then be achieved by climbing up the inside of the tower, as recommended by the Health and Safety Executive.

  • Maximum platform heights of up to 7.3m (from lowest step)
  • Maximum tower width of 700mm
  • 1500mm platform length

From just £50 per week, excluding VAT and Transport.

StairDeck Stair Scaffold Tower Hire

No more trying to squeeze past the edge of a tower or trying to climb up the outside!

StairDeck is constructed to the strictest quality standards, giving rise to a safe and secure work platform for decorators, maintenance workers and home users.

StairDeck allows you to adjust the height of the working platform in 250mm increments, along with fine adjustment from the adjustable legs, meaning that all work can be carried out without unsafe over reaching or bending.

Anti-slip baseplates secure the tower, giving it a total width of just 700mm and a platform length of 1500mm, meaning that it can be used on domestic stairwells.

Incorporating a full handrail and toe boards into its lightweight yet sturdy structure, the StairDeck can be built to a maximum platform height of 7.3m

Span Scaffold Towers

Our span scaffold towers can be made to work on stairs, offering lengths of 1.4m, 2.0m and 2.5m and widths of 0.85m and 1.4m, with platform heights of over 12 meters. We will have a solution suitable for use on any commercial staircase. Please contact us for details.