Zarges Combination Ladders

Choose from Industrial or Trade Skymasters Ladders and Economy Starline Ladders

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Zarges Industrial Skymaster

The original and still the best combination ladder. Giving you six ladders in one! From an ordinary extension ladder to an "A" frame free-standing ladder it can even be used on stairs! Does nearly everything except carry itself to and from the van.


Unique Industrial Skymaster Features
  • Two rigid aluminium side locking arms for maximum stability.
  • Wall wheels for easier operation when used as an extension ladder.


Zarges Trade Skymaster

The Trade Skymaster was originally introduced to the UK market in 1991, becoming an instant classic. You’ll spot its distinctive blue feet day in day out on the roofs of vans right across the country. Does almost everything the Industrial model can.


Zarges Starline Economy Ladders

A cheaper, lighter weight ladder. Generally suited for domestic and infrequent trade use.

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3 Item(s)

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