Zarges Skymaster Combination Ladder Hire

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Combination Ladder Hire

The Zarges Skymaster. One ladder with many functions - Probably the only ladder you'll ever need.

  • Rigid aluminium locking bar to prevent collapsing during use
  • Top and middle section with rung hook and positive operation locking tab
  • Strong anti-splay nylon restraint straps with sewn-in fixing tab.
  • Quality stile guides that encompass the whole stile; with plastic inserts for smooth handling
  • Extremely rigid ladder with strong connection between rungs and stiles
  • Replaceable plastic end caps ensure firm positioning without risk of slipping
  • Stabiliser bar included on bottom section
  • Standard: EN 131, 150 kilo rating



No. of RungsOur Price per Week
3 x 6£22
3 x 8£24
3 x 10£28
3 x 12£32
3 x 14£36
Zarges Skymaster Combination Ladder Hire


About the Zarges Skymaster

Zarges invented the combination ladder and many have tried to copy it. But the Skymaster remains the choice of professionals the world over. In the entertainment industry Zarges has even become synonymous with combination ladders. The reason, they make the original and the best combination ladders.

Combination ladder hire gives you a triple extension ladder, a freestanding ladder and a stairwell ladder in one. Tasks which would usually require three separate ladders..

Zarges Skymasters are tested and certified to EN131 giving them a 150kg. They are stable and secure in use and suitable for the widest possible range of tasks.

Rather than deciding whether you need an extension ladder, a step ladder or a stairwell ladder. Why not opt for combination ladder hire. Giving you the flexibility of all three but the cost of one.